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key process indicators are not perception.

key performance indicatorThe key to any process is the ability to measure the results. Not an opinion based, fan liking grade, but a measure that indicates your trend. Are you in the green – or in the red? If the desired output or goal of a task is not measurable then how can you create personal or team building plans? In the end the job is subjective only to the review. The performance is based on your boss or peers and the perception created by you.

When you create a KPI (key process indicator) you are stating the results in a measurable form. Maybe that will be a graph with desired numbers as the baseline and the weekly results from your team. The KPI allows reaction. When you are not making the goal – troubleshoot the process. Bring in the “big guns.” In the end, it is very clear when action should have been taken and when results were going in the right direction.

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