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career poker – every day i’m shuffling

So you are in a position that you never thought you would be in: the work that you enjoyed is now the job everyday-im-shufflingthat you hate. It may be new management, change in policy, or a team that is no longer functional. The situation, in any case is not desirable. Don’t gamble – play to stay in the game.

There will be points in almost every career where you will feel like you are never “ahead.” At some point you may even dread going to work. The key is to manage the situation and consider comparing it to that of a card game, or a poker hand. Don’t put all your loot in the pot making big risky decisions; be conservative. You simply want to focus hand by hand and outlast the other players. You have chips – manage the situation. And, yes, that does mean for some people (or rather in some cases) you must fold or change tables.

Play to stay in the game.

Originally posted: the business of it all, August 26, 2011. Revised June 01, 2013.

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