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While I was in college I remember seeing this cartoon (above). During one of the computer programming lessons we were discussing communication. To this day, I have kept this photo. I cannot count how many daily life occurrences have made me think of this drawing. I mean everything from customer service, to one on one interactions that did not end as desired. The point is, ensure proper communications.

The cycle is very simple (there are a lot more steps but it is essentially these key points):

  • Sender conveys messages based on personal interpretation
  • Receiver translates message based on personal interpretation
  • Feedback is issued from receiver to sender
  • Feedback received redirects
    • Sender redirects to affirm or correct (starts process over)
    • Message accepted; close

The most important step in ANY communication cycle is the feedback from receiver to sender for verification. A good practice that I have adhered to when the feedback is questionable is to ask the receiver to repeat the instructions / message. A good way to ensure understanding is by demonstration; it is easy to listen but true understanding is demonstrated.

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