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starwars-see-no-hea-rno-speak-no-evilFeedback comes in various forms with two perceived types: positive and negative. Most people hate to get negative feedback, and hate to give it even more. Someone once told me that an easy way to be able to give negative feedback is to learn how to give positive feedback. Once you are comfortable with positive – the coaching cycle of negative feedback will be much easier. Feedback, when used properly, is a tool. Correcting the course along the way keeps the ship from crashing. Consider your positive assurance and creative corrections the buoys keeping the path. For those that dislike confrontation realize that it does get easier when seen as a tool and when practiced.

I want to encourage you that feedback is essential for both the sender and receiver.Please consider taking a look at the website and podcasts of Manager Tools (specifically the link provided).

Below are a few links and quotes about feedback.

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