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self realization is a weakness that many people have

Self realization is a weakness that many people have; probably why the same people dislike feedback. not the feedback we want like the “how are you doing” superficially as we walk down the hall – those people thrive for the generic adda-boys. True critique can heavy.

Now, it does not have to be a negative thing, even if the results appear such at first. Feedback allows for a different perspective and keeps you within a cultural guide rails. Sometimes those guide rail are performance expectations, while others on behaviors and actions. Yet again, I will continue to state, feedback is a great thing. Self awareness – is personal feedback where the individual is cognoscente to his or her weaknesses. At the moment that you realize this and accept the fact – you are set apart from a large number of people. I cannot quantify that for you – but I assure you, that self perspective is missed in a lot of people. This is partially why the “reviews” on job performance can be shocking. If you thought that everything was going fine living in the land of milk and honey – and you are brought down to Earth by less than accomplished feedback then perspectives are off. I will step to one side bar and comment to the managers who do give feedback to employees. THEY (direct reports) SHOULD ALWAYS KNOW BEFORE THE REVIEW HOW THEY ARE PERFORMING. It should not take a mid-year or end of year performance plan review to find out that you are not aligned correctly with your manager or organization. If you are the manager who is “behind” on reviews – STOP IT. There is no excuse to not provide weekly, or similar frequency feedback. If the employee is truly off track – you are only creating large issues for your organization by waiting. Not to mention if you resolve it now, there is time to address any issues that need attention.

Off of my soap box now… Once I received feedback from a manager who told me that I was not an ideal employee. I was late for meetings, and was not driven, or focused. To my defense there were several reasons why. At first I despised the manager for such feedback. I was not aware of who or what I was and how it was perceived through the organization. Several years, and a few promotions later I respect the feedback that I was given. I still disagree with 100% of it – but also come to terms with “yes” I did have issues. If I would have simply addressed them at that time the transitions later would have been significantly more pleasant. My point, even with the tangents, I have written while thinking aloud, is that the moment we can find “who we ‘really’ are” the better we will be and the more beneficial to those around us.

Now, once we have pin pointed these self critiques it is time to put efforts forward to change them. Einstein’s definition of insanity suggests doing the same things and expecting different results are insanity.Remember your circle of influence or control. Remember the SME’s (subject matter experts) that can either guide you through a weakness within your assignment or mentor you. It is OK – to ask for help and to ask for some professional coaching. In fact, the very motion of asking for assistance, and working towards a solution based on that is a huge self development; for this you can work HR, your manager, or peers.

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