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the side of the majority – status quo

First – break all of the rules… what does that mean? I will have to pick up the text (book) and see what it means. However, a quote recently made me pause and reflect. Somewhere during “growing up” phrases like “stick it to the man” or “don’t conform” seem to come to mind. Yet, as one gets older, and does not work for a trendy Google or Facebook (etc.), the opposite can creep in.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Mark Twain

I would challenge you to consider seeking out the information and identify opportunity. The can’ts can be can’s and the don’ts may be do’s given that with time – knowledge, technology, and leaders change. By being on the side of the majority – are you really pushing everything to the next level, or is the status quo the right decision? There has to be a better way to improve the process either via waste reduction, cost of material change, or processing times…  A process is either in a state of improvement or decay. (Mike Rother, KATA)

Never settle. The moment that we do, we have began the undoing.
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continuous improvement, Google, lean, Mark Twain, mike rother, status quo
Business: General, Lean
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