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Flavor of the month

I cringe every time that I hear a new idea mentioned, and side comments write the idea off as a “flavor of the month.”

Recently, I was listening to some educational material, I will call it that for purposes of this article, and realized that the ideas being shared were forcefully trying to create this concept. It did not flow, other than the words naturally forming from the text that was being read. The model was well presented. The text was spot on structurally. It was missing something, something very important, buy-in. The cascading ideas from this article were being shared to the audience – and you could tell that the material was never built “directionally” correct. What do I mean by that? Well – I mean that the plan was top down, instead of bottom up. The trunk of the tree was placed and the roots should follow. Or better yet, I thought Kevin Costner was going to appear and some mystic voice from Shoeless Jackson would say “if you build it they will come.”

I am sure that this article is not a new thing. I have been to many companies, in several industries, where whatever is important comes from the top down – and is only important because of a current situation. When sales were bad at one company – we had to increase cold calls… and suddenly sales etiquette seminars were presented. The correlation does not always make sense and in that case the solution will be ill fit at best! The ice cream sales do increase when the tar melts – but there is much more to it than the surface.

If phrases such as “flavor-of-the-month” or “hot topic” are passes around about certain subjects than someone, somewhere is getting it all wrong. And if you do that, none of it will make sense, or fit, which will lead to so many-many-many more things…

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Business, Communication, correlation, flavor of the month, hot topic
Business: General
#Business, #Communication, #Correlation, #FlavorOfTheMonth, #HotTopic

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