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Going Virtual – Electronic Only – Paperless Business

I have recently moved towards converting to entirely electronic project planning, notes, calendars, and task lists.

While trying to make my notes and history more “preserved” and accessible, I have converted to using my Samsung Galaxy Note for note taking. The notes which I am not able to take via S-Pen (stylus) and S-Pad (notepad), I photograph with a high megapixel camera. I then save the the appropriate file in PDF or JPG formats depending on need. My inbox has a detailed file sorting path which contains major categories and sub-folders for more granular filing. For me, the tasks above are taking less time than a legal pad and keeping that list up to date and of value for the future; whether that is filing with a project, or scanning.

Any notes that I need to take for quick action, such as a reminder, “Do XYZ today,” I use my operating systems Stickey Notes which allow a simple task list for quick to-do’s. For longer term projects I use Tasks inside of Outlook and take notes, priorities, updates, and percentages completed.

My questions to you – are what do you do? How do you organized your work/life schedule so that you cut free of paper and retain the knowledge of actions. I am a firm believer that Intellect is a Waste (8 common wastes) that we can avoid in today’s modern age. What works best for you, and your style of organization?


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