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Freebie Friday: Microsoft Office Quick Reference Guide

microsoft-office-reference-guideThere are a lot of things out there which are made to sell a product, or service, but many of us overlook because of that. It does not mean that it is not a good product – if we do not purchase more of what the advertisement is selling. I came across a Microsoft reference card set for the Office Suite. I like to think of myself as a competent “Office” user, but was taken back a couple of steps this week. At work, and home, I use Office 2013. Due to a discount from work – I have always used the same setup at both places which allows for a lot of perks (same formatting abilities, knowledge of the program, etc.). This week I upgraded to a Surface Pro, which I might as well exclaim how much I LOVE it. I do… I absolutely do not know why I am laggard and go last of the adoption curves. With the new device I was also upgraded to Microsoft Office 2016. While the program is very similar – there are subtle differences that I was not prepared for thus, slowing down my efficiency as I searched for how to do… this or that. While I was doing some research I came across this freebie which is available to you through TradePub. The short PDF is a quick reference guide to the major office applications. I have downloaded a copy and placed it on here for you to take. It is free. If you like it – I strongly encourage you to go here and sign up for future notifications from this great company.

Microsoft Office Reference

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