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Rebranding: A different approach to the same old dude.

business dude blog makeover from lean to fresh blog articles about fun stuffI have toyed with so many blog ideas over the years. I get really intensely into one – for a duration – then fall flat on my face. It is a shame since this is something I have always loved doing. By always I mean a few years. I was not color pictures of my future website when I was in high school.  I enjoy sharing perspectives, maybe right – maybe not, but a different point of view to get some thoughts brewing in that noodle of yours (or mine).

For the last year, I took a break. On – and off – and on. A lot of reasons why. Excuses.

I keep coming back to the same idea: The blog is not what I originally wanted. The blog, which I enjoy the articles that I have conjured up, is not me or the voice that I feel that I have. I tried to focus narrowly on one specific niche, which was lean consulting or six sigma or some combination of business philosophy surrounding that and branching out to empowerment. A lot of the articles that were drafted began with a topic like 5S, pull, push, TPS (Toyota Production System), or other flashy words. I need to change. I have changed many things in my life and it is time to let the writing reflect that.

I have started Dave Ramsey’s guide to a financial makeover. I have started using the BestSelf journal for short interval goal setting. I have switched, or am in the process actually, careers to different focuses in a different industry. It is time that the voice inside follows suit. My goal for this blog is to share thoughts, ideas, that allow a business minded person without regard to what industry, to head down a rabbit trail that may lead to a new thought and change something (hopefully for the better).

What you can expect:

  • frequent posts on something that seems interesting, debatable or revolutionary
    • and by interesting, friend, I liked it – so that counts right? J/K
  • articles for the working class and/or parent seeking self-improvement
  • reviews on products that I have personally tried plan on trying, or believe to be a staple
  • sarcasm. lots. of. sarcasm. (sprinkled with a bit of WTH?)
  • engagement. since most of my thoughts surround team member engagement and empowerment, it is only fitting
  • raw thoughts with some grammar, typos, and imperfections (if editing takes more time than the writing… you get the idea)
    • (PS) I am not going to glaze over obvious errors as there are people that may go into some sort of coma or block me 😉
    • (PSS) *Edit* I did reread this again today – after sleep… there were more errors than I prefer to share. I cleaned it up a bit.

I started to rewrite my screenplay the other day and was so excited to start. I had a long conversation with a former writer for Hollywood that penned several shows that were notable. I loved writing again and while talking to him – I rekindled something inside. Slightly crushed into the group with the reality of never doing anything with the screenplay based on sheer statistics and my “changes…” After being convinced that screenplays were not the way to go I debated on converting the draft to manuscript. 13 pages of detailed notes/outlines later I froze. I have started and stopped so many times. It’s not where I am at. Right now – that is not where my heart is at. I am ready to write, yes, but that’s, not it.

My father-in-law, who is a father to me, got a journal for me which is a very interesting way to goal plan. In addition, I am moving from the Kansas City area to the Madison, WI area and am switching careers to boot. As I diligently plan – do – check and act myself in the goal planning phases of the journal it was apparent to me that I needed to write again. The notes that I was taking and shiny objects that sparkled between my ears called out to me “You need to blog again.” So I started to write a couple articles. More lean. Same old same old. My voice has changed and it was/is obvious. Not to mention if I want to write a manuscript – I need a whole-lotta-practice.

There you have it. If you have read this far – thank you. I will be crafting more articles and be shooting (as a goal in my planner) for M, W and FR. I expect to have some sort of catchy theme for each day such as Freebie Friday. Yeah, that was lame, I know, but you get the idea. I am also working on items that I can give away for the readers. I will have a contest for a website makeover (WordPress theme/logo) redesign as well. It will have a little something for you in it and promotion as I rebrand and relaunch.

Until then –


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