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re: Active again. Back to the Biz (2019)

It has been some time since I have published.

Life has taken turns and things have drastically changed for me. Both personally and professionally. However, I am not going to labor on about all of those changes now. They will come out in my entries and as the topic warrants. In the meantime, I will be publishing a couple times a week, within the business and improvement realm.

A lot of the entries that I made prior to today are full of typos, grammatical errors, and silly mistakes. I would pound out an article and not spend very much time looking it over. Not proofing. In the spirit of continuous improvement, I have decided to post less and refine each piece a little bit more. The style will range somewhere between raw and polished but I will be making a more conscious effort to look a bit more together.

Here we go again… I look forward to what we discover, together.


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