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My name is Joe. I have two blogs that I maintain., a business/career improvement space and, a general blog that contains a variety of thoughts on different topics. I live in Lawrence, KS, work as a Continuous Improvement Manager. I am working on two books and continuing education. I enjoy life with my Q, my kids, Kazho and Sox

share your passion with the employees

When you work for a company, you represent them. Even if you are not an official spokesperson, you are being watched, and listened to. The interactions that you have may have long lasting impacts. The same is true inside the building as well as outside the building. People listen and by silent leadership, they will follow suit. How do you represent the company – and what message(s) are you sending?

It is of the utmost importance that you share your passion with those around you. The very idea that people come to work with a purpose is a fading concept. Largely, people drone their way in, perform through the day and speed home to tackle the next part of the day. The paycheck for the family as it were. Why it is important that the employee comes to work – and how do they contribute to the cause? Each position is a part of a bigger picture and it is our responsibility to ensure that the message is not lost in translation. If you hear phrases such as “the compan

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why how what – golden circle, simon sinek

English: A diagram of what Simon Sinek calls '...

Recently, I have been engaged in thought from author Simon Sinek. Interesting enough, David Marquet (Turn the Ship Around), co-teaches with Simon at a University. I discovered this while researching Mr. Marquet after reading


Consider what you do, and how you do it – why? “The goal is not to do business with everybody who need what you have; the goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” (Simon Sinek)


Take a moment, and think w

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the side of the majority – status quo

First – break all of the rules… what does that mean? I will have to pick up the text (book) and see what it means. However, a quote recently made me pause and reflect. Somewhere during “growing up” phrases like “stick it to the man” or “don’t conform” seem to come to mind. Yet, as one gets older, and does not work for a trendy Google or Facebook (etc.), the opposite can creep in.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Mark Twain

I would challenge you to consider seeking out the information and identify opportunity. The can’ts c

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5 things – professional growth; another stretch

A year ago, I published an entry about professional growth entitled “The Professional Stretch.” When I started to write this, I searched for my previous article and was amazed it was about a year ago. The original article was inspired by a conference that I reviewed about professional growth. Today, I write this from the uneasy quadrant of self growth. It is at that moment when you realize that things are changing. Not in a bad way, though the uncertainty of the growth is both inspiring and generates a unique uneasiness.

  1. It is a phase of time. The growth will take shape and create a learning event, a new skill, or a reference point to go back to. As the idea becomes common, it will see less like foreign land and more like your neighborhood.
  2. Keep a journal of thoughts. Several people that I knew, both personal and professional

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Boundaries & Limitations

FenceSeth Godin recently posted about Embracing Boundaries.  Very good post discussing how we should handle, limit, or not limit based on a boundary. This made me think about processes which companies want to change. Over time I have head people say things like, “it cannot be done because…” or “we tried that and it didn’t work.” My immediate questions to those comments are – why can’t it be done – or when was it that this was tried and did not work. See, we live in a world that is built for evolution. I am not saying <a class=

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Checklists, process drift, SOP’s


It is a good idea to consider how things take place. What sequence of events must transpire to ensure that when you need to be ready, you are? In the event of a crisis – what are you going to do? Is there a specific list of action items that need to happen in order for the event to be mitigated? The answer, in many cases, is yes (for most people).  That is why there are medical professionals that require standard work in the form of checklists prior to or post operation. By operation, I mean an activity. It does not have to be a hospital room. For example, when I used to donate plasma to Baxter (a.k.a. BioLife), there were SOP’s (standard operating procedures) just for hooking up or discharging a d

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“Greatness” by David

I am sharing this, courtesy of

You can view the article here: “Greatness” by David The article is about empowerment, and really nails the message.  The video is a good piece as well, and is a visual piece to the great article which Mark has written.