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They’ll come around: invest in teams

I decided to go down the path of Gung Ho!. I have always been a servant minded manger, sometimes to my undoing, and began to take advantage of the team that I had. I began to share the information from meetings that I had with the company with my crew. Did we make money, or lose it – if so where, how, and what did it mean?

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career path and a slippery slope

Possibly a misleading title for this article. However, I imagined the interview question over and over again… I continued to replay it in my mind and each time it felt like skiing down a cliff but instead of land ahead – the bottom fell out and well, you can imagine the rest.

I once interviewed for a supervisory job at a competitor. I was still a new supervisor at the time and wanted (desperately) to move to Wisconsin. There were a lot of non-professional reasons and my haste was probably unprecedented. I was only 24 at the time, so I was not mentally mature. By stating that, I am not saying at 24 you are or are not as a general statement. I am indicating that my mindset had a bias and I had convinced myself that an illogical solution was the best for my family (and me).

During an interview I was asked a question that I had never

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